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Physician Lim Sor San always looked up information on her patients’ illness at night.

Established In 1994

During its early days, Time Enterprise provided TCM consultation as well as sold Chinese herbs. Since the establishment of the clinic, Dr Lim tirelessly sought to improve her skills and understanding of Chinese medicine, and was awarded M.M.S (Chinese Medicine) in 2009 and Ph.D.M.S (Chinese Medicine) in 2012 by Nanjing TCM University in China. To provide a better experience for our customers, Time Enterprise converted to a TCM consultation-only clinic in 2010, and has been providing TCM consultation, acupuncture, and tui na services.

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Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) aims to restore the body’s balance and harmony between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang, which can block qi and cause disease. TCM encompasses a number of clinical practices, including acupuncture, tuina therapy and herbal medicines

TCM Consultation

Understand patient and rendering of advice or professional opinion


Stimulates acupuncture points, flow of blood and energy, allowing transport of...

Infertility Treatment

We believe that poor physiological function, such as low sperm or...

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In addition to our main specialties, our TCM physicians also provide...

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Physician Lim Sor San

Physician Leow Choon Chye