Lim Sor San

Physician Lim Sor San graduated from Singapore Chinese Medicine Institute in the year 1991, following that she had been to Kun Ming, Cheng Du, Xia Men to practice medicine. Physician Lim Sor San established Time Enterprise Pte Ltd in 1994 and started practising until now. In the year 2009, Physician Lim Sor San obtained her Master degree in Chinese Medicine at Nanjing University and she is currently pursuing her PhD degree in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

During clinical practice, Physician Lim Sor San emphasizes much on mental and physical SK2_8563edbalance, especially the quality of sleep and emotional well being. Therefore, for every patient who goes to her clinic, Physician Lim Sor San will ask in detail about their medical history as there have been many times where diseases arose from their imbalanced lifestyle, eating habits and emotional feelings. Due to our body and emotionss being inter-related, an imbalanced lifestyle can result in illnesses.
As for the reason to become a physician, Physician Lim Sor San said: “Being a physician is the greatest honor in my life as I can help save lives!”

Thinking of relieving others of pain and to cure patients, Physician Lim Sor San always tended to patients at the clinic during day time and looked up information on her patients’ illness at night. This is to search for more effective treatment for the patients as medicine is a wide subject to explore. Physician Lim Sor San specializes in Internal Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, and Combined Medicine . She is experienced in treating menstruation irregularity, uterine tumour, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Infertility, Post-menopausal Syndrome, Diabetes, Cancer, Gastritis, Lethargy, and Insomnia etc. In order to treat patients effectively, Physician Lim Sor San combines acupuncture and medicine fo better results. Sometimes, she even uses Psychology and Natural

“I Feel That Being A Doctor Enables Me
Not Only To Heal Medically But Also Save Lives!”