Physician Lim, with her vast experience, had been assisting many couples from getting conceived to the arrival of their babies, fulfilling many couples wishes to be parents. However, there are also some women, whom may be faced with infertility problems or miscarriage. Some of this, may be due to the lack of proper care and adequate health care before conceiving.

As such, Physician Lim had always been advising and guided many of her patients, who are trying to conceive, to properly get their “base” strengthened and well-prepared before getting conceived.

Besides, Physician Lim had also been emphasizing the importance of proper post-natal care, in short, known as “confinement”. Emphasizing on confinement herbs for post-natal recovery, Physician Lim explained that a proper confinement care will lead to a better and speedy recovery. Not only so, herbs also assist well in expelling lochia, better breastfeeding process, proper uterus recovery. With a proper post-natal recovery, ultimately, women are also well prepared and are ready for their next pregnancy.





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