Bu Shen Yi Gan Wan



“The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor” talks about the close relation between the liver and kidney. Weak kidney and liver functions may cause uterine dysplasia in women, and affect the survival rate and motility of sperm for men. Good liver and kidney functions result in strong physiological functions; it is important to tonify the essence of the liver and kidney to have a healthy and strong body.

The kidney is related to the growth of bones, the production of marrow, the ear, urino-genital orifice and the anus.

1) Affects the growth and functioning of bones and teeth.

2) Affects the spinal cord, bone marrow, and brain. Such weak functions can lead to poor physiological function, increased risk to osteoporosis and loose teeth, and affect memory and response time.

3) Weak kidney presents symptoms of loose stools, tinnitus, weak waist and knees.

The liver effects the conditions of tendons and other specific body openings like the eyes.

1) The liver stores blood and nourishes the muscles. Weak liver functions may lead to weakness of wraist and knees, and poor menstrual flow.

2)Insufficient liver blood often causes dry eyes and decreased vision.



For Treatment:

2 capsules to be taken each time with lukewarm water after meal, twice per day.

To improve overall health well-being:

2 capsules to be taken each time with lukewarm water after meal, once per day.



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